The International Medical School (UIB) in Almaty is providing training of higher medical programs to the students coming from India and other countries of the world. Complete your medical degree course at lowest package and all other formalities and facilities.

* UIB, International Medical School (IMS) Is higher education Institute which is located in the city of Almaty , which is largest metropolis set in the foothills of the Trans-ili-Ala-Tau mountains and is established in 1992.

* UIB, IMS continuously invites foreign lecturers to teach on its English Lingual and Russian Lingual programmes.

* UIB consists of high qualified Indian teachers who have specialists in higher professional education and high qualifications.

* The IMS uses the latest Equipments that has all the necessary certificates and licenses.

* It has develop technical mastery as well as qualities important to tomorrow’s physicians, compassion , communication and thoughtful leadership.

* 5 Years duration.

* Fully English Medium.

 * NMC/MCI & WHO approved.

* INDIAN Pattern syllabus.

* Top Indian Faculty



Upto 40% Scholarship for Poor & Meritorious students from the authorized consultants only.